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Предавање амбасадора Белгије на Филозофском факултету

Предавања  ::  четвртак, 21.03.2019.  ::   Галеријa
Датум одржавања
уторак, 26 март 2019
Амфитеатар 21

Његова екселенција Кун Адам, амбасадор Белгије у Србији, одржао је предавање на Филозофском факултету у Нишу на тему: "Managing diversity in the heart of Europe".

Апстракт предавања, као и неколико фотографија, налазе се у наставку текста.

Managing diversity in the heart of Europe

An introduction to Belgium and its constitutional engineering


Throughout its history Belgium has been forced to find a modus vivendi between the  linguistic communities that constitute its population. Federalisation has been the institutional  answer to growing frustrations and  revindications along both sides of the language border. Peaceful coexistence  and good neighbourly relations between the Dutch, French and German speaking peoples of Belgium have been preserved thanks to a complex system of checks and balances, with due respect for minority rights. Is this a sustainable model, worthwile being copied or an  ugly  and expensive piece  of ‘constitutional art’, doomed to disappear? Only time will tell.